The act of smiling generates a sense of wellbeing within us. There’s just something about the physical act of curving our lips upward that slows our breath, calms our busy minds, and helps us to see things from a different perspective. For a quick lift to your mood, try taking a 10-minute break in your day to perform the following Smiling Meditation:

Find a quiet place to sit or lay down. Take a few deep, slow breaths, elongating your exhale. Close your eyes and notice your breath. Then, turn your mouth into a smile. It doesn’t matter if it feels forced at first, just feel the physical sensation of your smile. Continue breathing and let your smile spread naturally across your face. After a few moments, invite your smiling energy down into your heart. Smile with your heart. When it feels as though your heart is smiling, invite your smile into your belly. Smile with your belly. Then, bring your smile to your kidneys. Smile with your kidneys. Move your smile to your liver and smile with your liver. Spend a little time with each part, feeling the energy of your smile radiate from within you. Lastly, radiate your smile throughout your being, each and every cell aglow with a smile.

If it feels right for you, share your smile with whomever you come in contact…it’s contagious!