Though we often try to avoid perspiration, sweating is quite beneficial to the body. It is in fact one of the body’s essential and most important detoxification mechanisms, serving to flush the body of a wide variety of toxins. A good sweat can help reduce the body’s harmful accumulation of lead, nickel, mercury, sulfuric acid,cholesterol, cadmium and sodium, in addition to many other desirable health benefits.

For centuries, many cultures have recognized the benefits of inducing sweat, from the sweat lodges of native cultures to the more elaborate Roman saunas. Perhaps today more than ever, people are in need of “a good sweat”, as we are increasingly exposed to environmental and dietary toxins and at the same time tend to drink less water and experience much less occasion to produce significant amounts of sweat. Modern sauna scan provide an excellent solution to this problem. By elevating the body’s temperature,the sauna triggers the thermo regulatory system, increasing the heart rate, cardiac output,and dilation of the blood vessels, which in turn stimulates an increased sweat response.This cumulative process provides the many benefits associated with use of a sauna.

Today, cutting-edge Infra-Red Sauna technology can maximize the sweat-inducing effect, producing greater results in less time. Its benefits are vast, including detoxification of heavy metal and environmental toxins; improved immune system function; cleansing and rejuvenating of the skin; relief from rheumatism, arthritis, and muscle pain; improved cardiovascular functioning; and aid in weight loss, as it burns up to six hundred calories in a thirty minute session. As an added benefit, it increases endorphins, which are the “happy hormones”, providing a sense of satisfaction and relaxation.

Hahn Chiropractic & Wellness Centers, P.C. has recently added the Infra-Red Sauna to its menu of services in an effort to provide the most advanced means of maintaining optimum health naturally. For more information, please call 830-980-2225.

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